Aptoide App Installer : Apk download for Android/PC/IOS/Mac

Download Aptoide app store Apk


Aptoide App Installer : Apk download for Android/PC/IOS/Mac

So now you might be wondering what is Aptoide , well I’m here to tell you what exactly it is, so let’s get started. So in simple terms it is basically the largest app store! Talking a bit about the app, it was launched back in the year 2009, and it’s main aim was to develop a marker place for Android. This applitcation is pretty unique, it allows people to create their own apps and also they can also manage their own store in Android as well. Now that was a good enough introduction, now let’s get on to the features of Aptoide App and later in this post we’ll also discuss how you can download aptoide apk.

What are the Features of Aptoide? Know here:

  • You can install the best applications
  • You can choose from multiple stores
  • Have a control over the apps which your employee installs
  • Distribute the updates
  • Make all your applications available in a private store
  • You can now easily create a site to promote your app
  • Reach a larger number of audience
  • Your not restricted by the content policy restrictions
  • No more costs or IPR complications
  • Now you can also share the revenue of advertisement

How can I download Aptoide application for PC or Mac?

Aptoide app

So now you pretty much got to know about the Aptoide Application, now it’s time to download it for PC/MAC. You might be wondering and thinking that it might be tough or complicated, but trust me it is pretty easy and now I will be telling you in detail on how to do so.
For downloading Aptoide apk for your PC / MAC , you first need to get yourself an Android Emulator, after that, use that Emulator in order to install Aptoide in your computer. There are a large number of Android Emulator presents but one of the most preferred one is Bluestacks, because of it’s handiness and clean UI. Follow the steps provided below in order to download aptoide for pc/mac:

  • First download bluestacks setup from here.
  • After successfully downloading the setup, you may proceed with its installation. For that, open the setup and follow the instructions provided there.
  • After a while, the setup will finish and bluestacks application will be installed in your computer.
  • Now you need to open Playstore, but before that you need to sign in your google account so that you can access playstore, just like you do in any other smartphone.
  • When you’ve logged in your Google Account, Open Playstore and search for “Aptoide” after that, click on install and the app will be installed in bluestacks player automatically.
  • Alternatively, you can download Aptoide apk and then install it manually in your PC via bluestacks.

Congrats! After following the above instructions, you can now use Aptoide in your PC/MAC. Let me know in comments section if you face any type of problem in the process shared here.

Aptoide Application for IOS:

Aptoide apk

Aptoide App Installer : Apk download for Android/PC/IOS/Mac

Now probably you might be wondering that we told you how to download it for PC and MAC as well, but wait, we’ve forgot to tell you guys how to download this for iOS!
As we all know that this application is exclusively available for Android devices alone, but what about he iOS devices?
Well,  there is a way, there is a great alternative called as Cydia, click here to download Cydia. Now with the help of Cydia, you can easily dowload the Aptoide application for iOS.

Download Aptoide app store APK from our blog:

Download Aptoide

For Downloading Aptoide Apk free of cost, click here. Please create mirror links and write them down in comments, we’ll surely update more links here.


So this was our full tutorial on Aptoide application. Here we have clearly mentioned what is it, what are it’s features, how to download it for PC and MAC and also how to download it for iOS.  If you’ve any queries or questions then feel free to comment below and we’ll try to solve your query as soon as possible! Don’t forget to share our blog post with your friends on social media.

Thank you.